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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Arkansas Baptist School @ Budrio - Thanks ever so much!!!

This morning we had another amazing proof of our Father's sovereign love and wisdom.
We were due to have 2 hours baseball clinic with kids in the local high-school, but on the same day there was also a school-assembly.
So we were offered the possibility to have kids from "another" school.

We found out that the same school building is used to guest for this year kids from the high-school in the next village, which is not safe after the earth-quake of two years ago.

In this way we had 2 classes of amazing kids for 2 hours each.
Quite a few of them were from Muslim countries and they were very receptive to what their American peers shared about their faith in Jesus.

We realised that these were the kids we were called to serve today in showing in practice Jesus' love!

Now the team from Arkansas Baptist School is gone to serve for another week in Florence and Chiavari! We already miss each one of them so much!
Their servant spirit and their passion for the Lord is so challenging and enriching for us as family, for our church-plant and for the community we are serving.
Thanks ever so much friends!!!