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Friday, 14 March 2014

Porterbrook - Campus Bologna plenary session

Tomorrow from 3.30 to 7.00 pm
we'll have the plenary session for
students of foundation and advanced years of Porterbrook - Campus Bologna.

This meeting will be held in
San Lazzaro Church and we expect about
15 students for the foundation years and
15 for the advanced years.

The Foundation Year 1 students will interact with this module:Understanding God's Story,
led by Gianpaolo Aranzulla, pastor of Forte Torre.

In this session, students will interact with these units:
4. What is the structure?
5. Why say it this way?
6. Why say it here?
7. How should they have responded then?
8. How should we respond now?
9. Why should we respond?

God has spoken to his people through the story of his Son, Jesus. As Christians, we find our identity and purpose as we engage with the stories, letters, poems, prophecies, histories etc., contained within the Bible’s bigger story. You will learn to understand texts in the context of the bigger story and the immediate context of the book of the Bible they appear in. Then you will learn how to apply the words of the Bible today.

The Advanced Year 2 students will interact with these modules:

The first module is Union with Christ,
led by Gian Luca Derudas, co-pastor of Nuova Vita.

In this session, students will interact with these units:
4. Sanctification
5. The Benefits Of Our Union
6. Union With Christ And One Another

Union with Christ is the centre of the gospel. It’s been called the central doctrine of salvation. This course will teach you how the profound truth of a Christian's union and identity with Christ drives us to mission and joy in him.

The second module is The Holy Spirit,
led by Stefano.

In this session, students will interact with these units:
4. The sending Spirit: part one
5. The sending Spirit: part two
6. The sanctifying Spirit

Discover the Holy Spirit from a gospel perspective.
Learn to discern and enjoy the work of the Holy Spirit in everyday discipleship and mission.
The Holy Spirit is often the forgotten member of the Trinity or His work is emphasised apart from the gospel. This course helps us see the central role of the Holy Spirit in creation and redemption. Understanding the work of the Holy Spirit empowers and shapes gospel mission and discipleship in the local church.