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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Cage Soccer Outreach Day 2

Yesterday we spent the whole morning at the High School in Budrio with 5 different classes from 3 different schools.

Kids have been really responsive when the team shared their desire to serve them in showing Jesus' love. We were so challenged to see that one of the sport teacher of the school came to work in his day off because he said: "I want to give my students the opportunity to be exposed to what you do and believe"!

In the afternoon we went in the Sport Centre and we had the privilege to serve a local association helping people with learning disabilities or recovering from addiction.

Later we organised a tournament for kids of the local basketball teams and kids from the school we invited in the morning.
We were also really excited to see kids from a local "family house" run by the social services. These kids come from really sad backgrounds and it was so good to see them enjoying a "normal" day off playing soccer with other kids. One of them was challenged by the testimony of Paolo, the Italian leader of the Cage, and said he wants to come back next time.

Please pray for today when we'll be at the high-school in Medicina in the morning and in a sport centre in Bologna in the afternoon.