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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Cage Soccer Outreach Day 3

Yesterday we spent the whole morning
at the "Canedi" High School in Medicina,
a village about 10 miles from Budrio, which is part of the Budrio high school campus, but this it was only the second time they agreed to have one of our program in their school.

It was great to see there some of the kids who the previous day came to the tournament we organized at the Sport Centre in Budrio.

The girls from the Nomad team had an amazing opportunity to talk with a group of Muslim girl from Pakistan. In a friendly and sensitive way they were able to share their faith in Jesus and befriending these girls.

Giulio, the italian lad is doing a gap year with the YfC Nomad ministry in Northern Ireland, had a really good talk with a group of students just a year younger than him, challenging them to think about their immediate and eternal future!

Video @ the "Canedi" High School in Medicina

This morning we were at the
"Filopanti" middle school in Budrio.
It was great to see how the teachers
we got to know when we did the baseball clinic with the Arkansas team back in march, were so exited to have us back.

Kids really enjoyed playing soccer in the cage and stretching their English to interact with the Nomad team. 
We had two classes of about 25 kids each. 

With the first group Paolo, the Italian leader for The Cage ministry of YfC Italia, gave a talk challenging kids to keep on pressing with their studies and how for him it is only in Jesus that we can live a life worth living.

With the second group Grace, a missionary kid born in Italy with American/New Zealander parents, shared with kids how as a teen she was involved in bullying a girl and how Christ transformed her in repenting and befriending after with that girl.

Please keep praying for all the kids we met in these days that the Lord will work in their lives.

Video @ the "Q. Filopanti"Middle School in Budrio