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Friday, 23 May 2014

Week-end seminary & Sunday Service in Abbiategrasso Church (Milan)

Tomorrow Stefano will be to the Brethren Chapel of Abbiategrasso, a town next to Milan.

In the afternoon & evening Stefano will speak to a group of Youth Leaders, Summer Camps Organizers and parents in a series of seminars on Understanding & Engaging TeeN Culture & on how realise a Biblical Contextualisation to present the Gospel in a meaningful way to the new generation.

To challenge the church to engage with the TeeN Culture we'll analyse two recent successful products of our culture:
The Lady Gaga song
"Born this Way" &
the series of books/movies
"The Hunger Games".

The idea is to work though these products in order to understand their world-view, concept of salvation/redemption and "the question behind the question" to which Christ is the only answer!

On Sunday morning, Stefano will preach from Isaiah 53:1-7 connecting with The Hunger Games.
We'll see how Jesus' atoning sacrifice for us is far greater than Katniss for her sister Prim. His substitutionary atonement it's not like of someone be ready to lay his life for a loved one, in His death we saw the death of death, and in His resurrection we can now be healed and have eternal peace with God!