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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Christianity Explored - Uncover Luke

Tomorrow afternoon we'll continue our Christianity Explored Bible Study,
for every age-group!
We have now a regular group of students,
so after having completed our studies on
the Gospel of Mark, we'll interact with the Gospel of Luke, using the Uncover material.

We run these public meetings hosted by the Café of the theatre we use for our Sunday meetings as church!

Uncover - See for Yourself!,
is an interactive Bible Study  created by UCCF to engage with Luke's Gospel, which was written as an investigation into the life and purpose of Jesus Christ.
Uncover will help us to investigate Jesus’ claims and experience the life he offers.

Tomorrow with Stefano we'll engage with Luke 18:31-19:10 and we'll see that by approaching Jesus as a teacher who could tell him how to get to God, the young man was taking the classic religious approach to life. It is the approach that says: “My life, my acceptance, my worth, my salvation are ultimately down to me and what I can do.” Jesus revealed to this man the inadequacy of this approach before God. The man didn’t need a religious teacher to show him what to do; he needed a Saviour to do for him what he couldn’t do himself.