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Friday, 13 April 2018

Theology for Breakfast with Porterbrook!

Tomorrow we'll continue
with our meeting:  
Theology for Breakfast!

Following Luther's Table Talks example, we'll meet from 9am to 11am @ Central Café
in Mezzolara where, while enjoying a breakfast with capuccino & croissant or
bread + butter + jam,
we'll engage with God's Word discovering the beauty of theology in our everyday life!

We'll interact with the Porterbrook module:
The Bible in Missional Perspective.
With Justin we'll engage with Unit 5:
Our Solution Prefigured (conquest and David)

Together we'll walk through the Bible as the story of God's mission to redeem the world through his Son. We’ll find out why the church is so central to mission, and how to see everyday life through the Gospel lens.