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Sunday, 29 April 2018

First Conference of The Gospel Coalition Italia

Tomorrow will start the first two-days conference of  TGCi - The Gospel Coalition Italia.

Four of the Council Members will develop theme:
Guarding the Good Deposit of the Gospel,
from 2 Timothy!

The main sessions will be lead by Mark Oden, Pietro Ciavarella, Giampaolo Aranzulla and Stefano Mariotti.

Watch the video presentation of the conference,
done by Don Carson:

We're very excited that 12 people from our church will attend the TGCi conference.
For most of them it's the very first Christian conference they'll attend.

Join us in praying that it will be a fruitful experience to build a missional DNA in Italian churches and to enlarge our vision for God's kingdom, while we build our churches to be Gospel centred in every sphere!