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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Great start of 2014 deputation in Ireland

Great time of fellowship this morning to set up Stefano's deputation in Ireland.
This morning he joined a men's breakfast followed by a book conversation.
We were about 10 men who cooked and enjoyed a traditional full Irish breakfast including a delicious black pudding
(click the link if you don't know what a black pudding is :-)

Then we enjoyed an even greater time of fellowship reading and  discussing together a chapter from the book:
You Can Change: God's transforming power for our sinful behaviour and negative emotions, by Tim Chester.

It was very encouraging to take part of this meeting and seeing mature Christian men alongside some new Christian to openly talking about our identity in Christ and how we work through our action as interpreters and worshippers in trusting and worship Christ in the everyday life at work, with our families and in church.

This has been a very good start for this deputation!