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Friday, 31 October 2014

My Space Budrio - Club for teens

Tomorrow afternoon we'll have our My Space Budrio club to reach out local teens.
Please pray with us, that this will be a meaningful opportunity the Lord will use to call them.

Tomorrow we'll interact with the YfC Rock Solid material following the theme: Halloween: Trick or Truth?
The goal of this session is to look at the event of Halloween, its history and what it celebrates.
We'll be challenged to think at what scares us and why we can also find darkness intriguing.
We'll do many fun games to illustrate this point and we'll interact with clips from the movie:
Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas, where we'll see Jack's desire for love and light!

We'll see that we are scared by what can 
hurt us and by what we cannot control.
We'll see that often people do in the dark, what they are ashamed to do in the light.

Yet we'll discover that we can trust the Lord when He says us: Fear not (Isaiah 41:10).
We'll see also that Jesus' light came to shine in our darkness and that He gave His life,
in order to give us the right to become children of God! (John 1:5-13)