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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sunday Service in Budrio - Gospel

Tomorrow morning we'll have our morning service to worship God and to proclaim His Word in Budrio.

We are glad for the Lord's provision of the main room in
Le Torri dell'Acqua, the theatre&modern art-gallery right at the centre of Budrio, well known as a cultural meeting point.

At 10.00 am we'll enjoy our family time together with a lovely breakfast.

At 10.30 am we'll start with Jonathan a new series.
Tomorrow we'll look at the Gospel.

Tomorrow we'll begin our service with a time of prayer characterized by thanksgiving and casting a vision for God's work in our community.

We'll thank the Lord for Mim's arrival in Budrio and we'll pray for her settling in.
Miriam is a Welsh girl who will do an intership experience with YfC Italy.
We are also very thankful for the team of Christians who are committing for the next months to the church-plant work in Budrio.

We'll thank the Lord for the meeting Jonathan and Jenny had yesterday morning in Budrio's Town Hall with  Giulio, mayor of Budrio, and Luisa, vice-mayor, to be thanked alongside all the many volunteers that helped in painting the walls of the Middle-School Filopanti.

This has been a great opportunity to serve our community and to meet many new local friends!

We want a global vision, so in preparation to the WEC missionary meeting we'll have next week, this month we'll focus our prayers for the country of Nepal. 
The Church in Nepal continues to flourish amid pressure as a remarkable indigenous movement. Persecution comes from the religious majority but also socially from within families and communities.

More infos and prayer points for Nepal are available at the Operation World website.