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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sunday Service in Budrio - Community

Tomorrow we'll have our morning service
to worship God together and to proclaim
His Word in Budrio.

We are glad for the Lord's provision of the main room in
Le Torri dell'Acqua, the theatre&modern art-gallery right at the centre of Budrio, well known as a cultural meeting point.

At 10.00 am we'll enjoy our family time together with a lovely breakfast.

At 10.30 am we'll continue with Stefano our new series on Gospel, Community
and Mission.

Jenny will lead the time with the little ones engaging on the same topic.

They'll look at how we can be members of the body of the church with Christ as head of our community.

Together they'll make this puppet as illustration of the importance of the different parts, but above all about the importance for the different parts to be connected together in a Community defined by the Gospel.

Tomorrow we'll begin our service with a time of prayer characterized by thanksgiving and casting a vision for God's work in our community.

We'll rejoice with Kristin Gilmore that tomorrow will be baptised in Sicily. We'll pray for her witness and Christian walk with the Lord.

We'll pray for Mission 2014.
This is the fifth national Italian mission congress which offer an opportunity to Italian Christians to be informed, challenged and formed about world mission. 
This year the main speakers will be Dr. Lindsay Brown and Rev. David Robertson.

After last Sunday missionary meeting with the presentation about Nepal, we'll continue to pray for the work there.

We'll pray especially for the WEC work with Tibetan children as living example of reconciliation and restoration in the Lord.